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Headwalls & Endwalls . 6/2018 . A wall at a pipe inlet is called a headwall. A wall at a pipe outlet is an endwall . Headwalls and Endwalls can be made with a variety of materials ? Pre-cast concrete and cast -in-place concrete ? Modular masonry products (various sized blocks) [ Online Chat ]

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Off-site precast concrete solution headwall system designed to connect pipe work discharging into open water courses.[ Online Chat ]

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In physical geography and geology the headwall of a glacial cirque is its highest cliff. The term has been more broadly used to describe similar geomorphic features of non-glacial origin consisting of a concave depression with convergent slopes typically of 65 percent or greater forming the upper end of a drainage valley.[ Online Chat ]

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Headwall definition is - a precipice rising above the floor of a glacial cirque. a precipice rising above the floor of a glacial cirque; a steep slope forming the head of a valley… See the full definition[ Online Chat ]

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Concrete is a classic choice of material for a headwall because it is strong, durable, and very sturdy. Some headwalls may be cast in place so that they conform with the landscape while other projects may utilize precast headwalls made in a standard shape and size.[ Online Chat ]

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A headwall is a concrete structure installed at the outlet of a drain or culvert that functions as a retaining wall to protection against erosion, or as a means to divert flow. Precast concrete headwalls and wingwalls are a vital component of drainage culverts and bridge sections.[ Online Chat ]